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How to set up warnings about unsafe sites

If you try to open an unsafe site, Google Chrome will warn you about it. Sites suspected of phishing or distributing malware are considered unsafe.

Phishing and malware protection is enabled by default. If you have not changed this setting, the following warnings may appear in your browser. If you see one of them, do not go to a dangerous site.

Beware of malware! The site may install malware on your computer. Beware of fake site! The site is suspected of phishing. Suspicious site. The site may be dangerous. The site contains unwanted software. The site may trick you into installing programs that will disrupt your browser. The page is trying to download scripts from unverified sources. The site is not secure.

Important! Some sites try to convince the user that there is malware on their computer. They offer to download programs that supposedly help get rid of it. Be careful not to fall for such tricks.

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